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         Welcome to MegaDB new app (self.text)

    Dear MegaDB community,

    Our project started as a simple mega links search engine. Links were indexed by a robot or submited by users. Those last months we have experimented a great increase of users and many of them requested us being able to view results under a determined category. Finally, we decided to complety rewrite our app with a more user friendly one.

    The main changes are the following:

    • The site is now organized by subs, each one with a specific theme. You can view here the complete list. Subs marked with the mega logo are exclusively reserved for mega links and in fact, you can only send them there. The rest of others subs are for general discussions and other thematics.
    • You can upvote or downvote sumbissions with the the arrows at the bottom of each post.
    • A system of comments is now avilable.

    I hope that with this new features, you'll be able to find and organize better your content.

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