What are coins?

MegaDB is a crawler of mega links but also a collaborative community where users can share their own links. To guarantee the quality, some content of our database is restricted and can only be viewed with a registered account with coins. Coins are a virtual good that allows access to selected content but also compensates users with exceptional contributions.

How can I get coins?

They are several ways to earn coins:

  • Sending content of any category to our database.
  • With quality contributions. When you send hidden or premium links, those will only be viewable by registered and premium users respectively. When users start accessing your links, you'll be awarded with coins (evidently, premium links gives you more than hidden links). The key to a successful submission is interesting content with a good title, images and description.
  • With interesting participation in any of or subs. Links are good but this is also a place where you can freely express yourself. There are many subs reserved for general or specific topics discussions. A system of votes is present to rank the content.